Cost Cutting Tips for Online Retailers

3 quick ideas to help any new or existing online retailer deal with the cost of doing business and stiff competition that can really eat into your margins.

Small Businesses Face Unique Accounting Challenges

It's important to keep your books up to date so you have the latest information on the performance of your company. Making decisions and planning using old or faulty data is a recipe for failure for any company.

A Healthy End of Year Audit Can Help an SMB Plan for the New Year

Use the start of the new year to review the past 365 days and measure what is working and what is not. This will help you to plan and figure out where to increase your finite resources and where you can pull back. This includes a multitude of areas in your company, not just your bottom line.

Invoicing Mistakes to Avoid at your SMB

Having a concise invoicing function that you run and stick to can really help you to speed up the payment process from your customers and avoid any issues around receiving payments. A professional and disciplined approach will give your organization a professional face to your customers.

Why PO Financing is a Better Option Than a Term Loan

Finding flexible short term financing is a crucial step in giving your business the ability to be a dependable vendor and deliver to your customers on time. PO Financing is a great way to fulfill orders when you do not have the working capital on hand.

10 Good Questions to Ask Before Signing an Invoice Financing Agreement

We found and expanded upon 10 really good questions to ask a potential lender before signing any invoice financing agreement. Most of these questions are relevant to any new lending arrangement and can help you to make sure you are working with the right partner.

Using PO’s to Finance Working Capital

Purchase Order Financing is a key piece of the Working Capital puzzle for any SMB. A PO Financing facility allows you to ship faster, take on larger orders and improves your bottom line.

The Best Ways to Save Money for an SMB

Saving money in your personal life to start a new company can be done in the short term with relatively little pain if you plan right and cut down on your expenses as much as possible.

Hidden Fees to be Aware of in a Business Loan

It is extremely important to understand all of the fees associated with a loan. To be sure you are not being sold a low APR where the real APR is much higher given the existence of other fees during the life of the loan. In this article we discuss common hidden fees to be on the look out for.

What is the Best Financing for Your Business?

Choosing the right financing arrangement for your business doesn't have to be complicated. The most simple options, Merchant Cash Advance, Term Loans or Invoice Financing, are often the right choice for your business and typically require the fastest and easiest paths to getting that working capital that you need now.