Payplant works with specialty women’s retail designer

Palo Alto, CA Jan 18, 2017 – Payplant today announced a relationship with a specialty women’s handbag and shoe manufacturer, who has well-known customers like Nordstroms, TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls, to finance their POs (purchase orders) and invoices. Payplant was able to offer very affordable terms that enable the client to fulfill the orders profitably and on time.  The specialty retailer’s CEO remarked “Payplant has been incredibly helpful to our supply chain and our bottom line, allowing us to fill and process much larger orders than we would be able to handle otherwise.  The Payplant team has worked diligently to learn about our space and provide much needed guidance.”

About Payplant

Payplant provides growth financing for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Its Pay Me NowTM digital invoice-financing service provides cash to businesses when their customers pay too slowly. Payplant helps businesses with PO and Invoice Financing, Asset Based Lending, Term Loans and Customer Financing products. Payplant works with companies that don’t currently qualify for traditional bank financing, have grown too quickly for their current lender or are at the point in their evolution where an influx of working capital can elevate their business to achieve rapid growth. Payplant delivers fast and reliable funding, at very attractive rates and is completely on demand. For more information, visit