The Best Ways to Save Money for an SMB

Starting a new business is an exhilarating time for any entrepreneur. Along with the excitement of planning for and building a new product or service comes the stress of how to get it off the ground financially. “Starting a business from scratch, on average, costs about $30,000” so finding ways to save up for these initial expenses is very important. We found some good tips in an article on

The first step is to come up with a solid plan that outlines the business, milestones you hope to achieve and a financial timeline around how much money you will need along the way. Be sure to think about regular expenses, irregular expenses as well as leaving yourself a margin of error. The last point is of utmost importance because regardless of your experience in the industry or vertical, you will make a few estimation mistakes. After all, estimations are really just educated guesses.

There is no secret sauce to budgeting and saving, the simplest tools and methods are typically the best.

  • Rely on budgeting tools and calculators
  • Take into account your income
  • Cut expenses wherever possible
  • Make saving the ultimate goal and build your budget around achieving it

There are some other ways to tap into sources of financing. There may be alternative/cheaper options available that you can use while waiting to purchase a top of the line product or service. Friends and family are always a good way to bootstrap a startup. Venture capital is an option but remember this will likely require you to give up some of the equity in the company but if you have a product that a VC sees as having real promise, there will be some interest. Angel Investors are similar to Venture Capital but may have more flexible terms and cost you a bit less in terms of ownership. Crowdfunding has become ubiquitous and there are many options out there where you can tap into a crowd of amateur investors that would have some interest in funding your startup.

Find the way that is best for your situation and your company from the options above and give your new company a chance to get off the ground financially so you can focus on the success of your offering.

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